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Akai Yubi

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Japanese: 赤い指(2011)

The prequel to the Shinzanmono series is the prototype of a good mystery-suspense film. Even though I watched this raw (without subs), the plot is so engaging and taut that I understood 90-95% of the dialogues. In this movie, I admit that I was on the side of the father who was trying to cover-up for the crime of his son and I’m really pissed off with Abe Hiroshi, popping up like a stalker and asking all those tricky questions, especially about the shoelaces thing, I swear, I would just like him to bugger off even if he is as dashing and suave as ever.

And thank God, he stopped with that “Chinami ni” phrase. 

Well, compared to the other Shinzanmono film (Kirin no Tsubasa), this Akai Yubi is a much better installment of the Kaga Kyoichiro series and I highly recommend it not only to Abe Hiroshi fans but also to mystery aficionados as well.


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