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Hasami Otoko

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Japanese: ハサミ男(2005)

First of all, Abe Hiroshi is only a co-star in this film and he has very limited scenes but I enjoyed watching it anyway. The most notable thing about this is even if it was filmed in 2005, the atmosphere, cinematography and effects make it look like it’s from the early 80s. I caught on the plot early enough so I wasn’t too surprised when [beeeepp] was revealed.

There’s a bit of a drag during the flashback scenes and a couple of irksome supporting casts making the film crossover to the ol’school Police Academy.

I really think that Abe Hiroshi’s character should have been given more lines, but maybe it would spoil the twist in the end. How do you make a Abe Hiroshi’s character stand out less??? Get him a clean shaved and he loses handsome points.

(SPOILER: It’s out of Abe Hiroshi’s character to date a girl that young! It’s way beyond pedophilia because maybe the girl is too short. )


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