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Jigyaku no uta

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Japanese title: 自虐の詩 (2007)

English: Happily Ever After

In spite of the fact that Abe Hiroshi has like 10 lines in a span of 2 hours (which made it so uncomfortably painful to finish), I can totally relate to the theme of this film. Minus the yakuza angle and sloppiness of Abe Hiroshi, I think this could have been my life being portrayed in the big screen. At face value, it seems like a total one-way agape love of an average-looking woman to his good-for-nothing partner. But once you scratch the surface, you can understand why such a thing exists in the first place.

Why would you love someone who is a complete jerk when you could do so much better? This movie tells us why.

However, most parts of the movie dragged and the script could have been compressed to an hour.


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