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Kirin no Tsubasa – Gekijoban Shinzanmono

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The latest installment of the Kaga Kyoichiro series is quite a flop compared to Akai Yubi. Maybe my expectations were just too high after watching the teaser trailer. The storyline is superficial and lacks the credibility. Abe Hiroshi is brilliant as ever as an actor but there’s nothing impressive with the script. Nothing particularly memorable to write about except maybe that the Kirin is actually not a giraffe and that the victim looks like the preacher Bo Sanchez.

(Spoiler: The kind of mystery films that I like are those for which you can deduce real conclusions and sufficient information (the suspects, has been given on the 40th minute mark. You just have to tie down all the clues together. Kirin Tsubasa is obviously not this type. It’s a billion-to-one chance you will relate the ‘Kirin statue crime’ to that pool ‘accident’)

Well, at least when sidekick Mizobata Junpei jumped on the rail tracks to save the suicidal boy, it didn’t end up like in “26 Years Diary.”


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