Abe Hiroshi 阿部寛<3

Abe Hiroshi Film and Drama Reviews Plus CMs. Best viewed using IPAD

Shiawase no Kiiroi Hankachi

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Japanese: 幸せの黄色いハンカチ(2011)

Abe Hiroshi is an ex-convict once again (see Shiroi Haru) but this time doesn’t seem to be as tragic as the latter. Genre is just  light-hearted drama, thanks to co-star Hamada Gaku for playing the role of a hilarious energetic, and highly talkative extrovert.

(Spoiler: My only complain with Abe Hiroshi movies — “Where the hell are the kissing scenes? Like after not seeing your wife for 7 years, surely there should be some kissing during the reunion, right?) After watching heaps of his shows, I have never once seen him kissing anyone in a romantic way. Maybe it is his image he is trying to protect or something.


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