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Shikeidai no Elevator

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Japanese title: 死刑台のエレベーター(2010)

I usually watch Japanese movies to relax as they’re just my kinda ‘brain candy’ with an introspective tinge on its themes. However, this remake of the 50’s French film noir ” Elevator to the Gallows” is so impressive that it is now in my All-time Top 5 Films.

(Just for the record: 1) Y Tu Mama Tambien (Spanish), 2) A Separation: Nadir and Simin (Farsi), 3) Beijing Bicyle (Mandarin), 4) Amores Perros (Spanish), 5) Shikeidai no Elevator (Japanese))

It could have been my Top 4 if one of the co-actors Tetsuji Tamayama wasn’t such a big douchebag when it was really unnecessary. Anyway, I think this is one of Abe Hiroshi’s best roles ever and ‘dat facial expression’ when he was being accused of a different crime is simply priceless. Plot-wise, it is such a mind-fuck but keeps you at the edge of your seat, just like the “Separation” movie where Murphy’s law rears its ugly head when it can. I know the Frenchies had the original idea, but even without seeing it, I think the remake is already much better.

Morale of the story: If your lover didn’t show up for your date and his phone is turned off and you saw a woman on the passenger seat of his car, then don’t immediately jump into conclusions. Maybe just maybe he is trapped inside the elevator after killing someone for you.


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