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Japanese: 新参者 (2010)

Recently, detective dramas have been popular in Japan and Shinzanmono would be one of the above-average in the genre. As usual, Abe Hiroshi did a splendid performance of Kaga Kyoichiro, a detective-cum-stalker, annoying at times but full of charm with his quirkiness and mannerisms. I didn’t read the Higashino novel so I wonder why this Kaga-san uses the interjection “Chinami ni” (casual way of saying by the way/ anyway) 20 times per episode.

Chinami ni kitte mitan desu.

Chinami doku ni irasharun desuka?

Chinami ni, nani wo…

Chinami ni… These are my favorite lines of the drama, narrated in the beginning of each episode.



OST “Machi  Monogatari” is also the perfect theme to end each episode, “Sayonara wa owari janai..”



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