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Trick (Season 1)

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From what I read this drama propelled Abe Hiroshi’s career into new heights. He plays the role of a handsome yet virginal physicist and is teamed-up with 3rd-rate magician Nakama Yukie (worldwide phenomena horror-flick Sadako) to investigate and debunk fake and fraudulent spiritualist. Well, this plot is obviously too juvenile for my taste so I guess I would say I only watched this show because of Abe Hiroshi.

Most of the episodes are decent but the most engaging are the ones about the pantomine (twins) killer/s.

LMAO Japanese humor – see the lifesized posters and pictures of Abe Hiroshi in his lab/office. I read they are way back from his modeling days.

I hated the ‘fake’ accent of the residents of the island in the last 2 episodes and I almost didn’t finish this drama. But I was obviously in tune with the chemistry of Abe Hiroshi and Nakama Yukie who obviously have feelings for each other but don’t want to proceed any further. Damn! Abe Hiroshi is sooooo hot with those glasses.


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