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Japanese: 歩いても歩いても(2008)

English: Still Walking

For weeks, I have delayed watching this flick for 2 reasons: First, I know the theme is quite heavy and serious so I was waiting for the right time when I’m in the “mood” for such. Second, I know this is not the typical tearjerker but rather something that is hurtful from within, pierces and penetrates deeply and leaves a scar in your heart. Well, that is an overstatement and the film turned out to be quite normal.

Abe Hiroshi delivers another outstanding performance and so do the rest of the cast. But the most notable thing about the movie is how natural the dialogues are. It doesn’t even feel like you are watching a movie but more of looking through some sort of a window to observe this family. Nothing superficial with the script, nothing overly dramatic. Just like in real life, Ryota (played by Abe Hiroshi) subtly uses his mobile phone during dinner. Some characters are talking about other things while he is saying something important. The ONLY other time I have heard such natural free-flowing dialogues is in the critically-acclaimed minimalist Iranian film “Taste of Cherry.”

One thing that was shown in the movie is the Japanese culture of putting on a mask in front of other people. Everyone seems polite and uses all the highfaluting honorific expressions but then stab you at the back. Well, that should be expected given the circumstances but striking nevertheless.

Another scene which left a mark on me is the reference to the yellow butterfly which is really just futsu (ordinary) but it is for personal reasons why I replayed it several times.


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