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Survive Style 5+

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My husband almost sent me divorce papers for watching this till the end, so weird is an understatement to describe this movie.

If you are familiar with the works of the famous Haruki Murakami where a killer cat is named Johnny Walker and boys discuss about whale penises,  then you won’t be too surprised with this movie. Otherwise, you might be constantly be asking WTF WTF WTF? If you scratch the surface of Japanese-style humor, you get “Kimi wa Petto”, “High School Debut,” or “Handsome Suit” (WARNING: KMN moments while watching) but this outta-this-world flick “Survive Style 5+” has just transcended the level of craziness.

Good points: Music is superb – Abe Hiroshi dancing to the tune of “Pink rabbit.” Plus loled at “The First Noel” and “I will survived” when played.

Nitpicking: The scenes of the husband (played by Tadanobu Asano) killing his wife over and over again dragged throughout the entire film.

(SPOILER: Abe Hiroshi (the hypnotist) has only 2 scenes before he was killed off in the 35th minute mark but for fans like me, this is the first time I have seen him in such a wacky role. Well, its kinda 気持ち悪い(gross) because he is wearing fake chest hair and armpit hair and dyed his hair blonde. Plus, he has a tiger on his crotch. LOL)

Survive Style 5+


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