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Suteki na Kanashibari

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Japanese: ステキな金縛り(2011)

English: Once in a Blue Moon/ A Ghost of a Chance

Let me make this a quick post: The best thing about this film is the theme song, brings back childhood memories of Walt Disney’s Lady and the Tramp. To be fair, I find myself amused with the plot, heaps of laugh-out-loud lines on the script, plus actor Nishida T played his part perfectly as samurai ghost and Fukatsu Eri is also not-so-bad.

Of course, it’s no work of art and the story makes no sense (using ghost testimony to prove alibi for murder case) and has that effect of a low-budget film. Well, apparently, this movie topped in the box office for some reason I am unaware of.

Abe Hiroshi is… well maybe I’m just in love with him. I guess my body is just pumped up with estrogen and I find myself sighing while he tap dances. Damn it! It seems like I have returned to my teenage years. (SPOILER: The 2nd straight movie I watched where his character is killed off in the middle of the film. Is Abe-san doing so many projects at the same time?)

By the way, the actor who plays the dad of Fukatsu Eri seems very familiar. It took me a while to figure out that he is the one from the “37 sai de isha ni natta boku” which I have recently watched but abandoned on the 2nd episode.


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