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Currently Watching: Hero

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I have never been a fan of the boyband SMAP so the first time I saw Kimura Takuya is in ロンバケ “Long Vacation.” It has one of the most endearing and touching storylines in the contemporary JDORAMA industry. IMHO, I don’t find Kimutaku to be particularly handsome but he’s got the hair and the hairstyle that will make even Patrick Dempsey (sic Grey’s Anatomy) jealous

Ok, enough of the prologue. I was really excited to start watching ‘Hero’ because I’m curious how Kimutaku plays the rebel and eccentric-type role Kuryu Kohei, which is quite the opposite of his stick-by-the-rules character Sena in Long Vacation. By some coincidence, both Kuryu and Sena are untypical Japanese names hence they stick out and become easy to remember. Kuryu is a former juvenile delinquent and a high school dropout who managed to pass the Japanese law board exams (which I heard to be one of the toughest in the world, before 2006, the passing rate is around 3%).

Also, I wonder how Abe Hiroshi takes on the supporting character without taking the spotlight away from the lead. In this drama, Abe Hiroshi’s plays the role of an adulterous prosecutor Shibayama Mitsugu, a colleague Kuryu, and having a relationship with a fellow lawyer. Funniest moments of the series belonged to Shibayama doing the baby talk to his child on the phone just after a romp session with his lover.

I will update once I finish all episodes.


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