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Looking for: Adiantum Blue

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Japanese: アジアンタムブルー(2006)

I just watched the trailer of this film and I thought that this is DEFO my cup of tea. Yup sappy chick flick to the tune of ‘PS I Love You’ and ‘The Notebook.’

Very short plot from Asianwiki.com: Adiantum Blue is about a pianist with a terminal illness (Nao Matsushita), who wishes to spend her last happy days with her lover (Abe Hiroshi) in Nice.

No English reviews posted, no links or streams available, and not even a DVD. Maybe when I return to Japan, I could rent a copy in Tsutaya.

Check out the trailer, surprise-surprise, Abe Hiroshi has a kissing scene, but as usual was cut at the last moment, so I’m really looking forward to see the entire movie. Grrrr.. this guy is such a TORTURE!

First line of trailer: ”雨すきですか” How cute?


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