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I Lohas Bottled Water

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I know it’s too cheesy to review CMs, but this one caught my attention because it’s actually related to environmental Sustainability in the post-peak oil era, which is my field of research. The I Lohas water bottles were engineered to be lighter and easily compressible thus reducing both volumetric waste and freight tonnage during deliveries. (Now, that sounded like the introduction for my publication ww)

Well, IMHO Japan’s culture of Jihanki (vending machine) is probably the most rampant in the world and this produces too much waste and necessitates frequent deliveries. In the Western world, people just bring their own mini jug filled with tap water. In Japan, this is quite unacceptable. I guess the best way is still not to drink bottled water in the first place.

Anyway, nice CM of Abe-san. At least at face value, there is an effort supporting topical issues such as sustainability (which unfortunately is a mere umbrella term for almost anything green).


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