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The Triumphant Return of General Rouge

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Japanese: ジネラル・ルージの凱旋(2009)

This is handsdown the WORST Abe Hiroshi film and maybe one of the worst ever Japanese movies I have seen. Well, not really (calling Gantz, like OMG KMN!). Anyway, ‘General Rouge’ is just so boring that I decided not to finish the last 15 minutes of the movie. Instead, I’m writing this review to warn Abe Hiroshi fans (because I can’t imagine anyone else watching this beside family members of the cast) to steer clear away from this film. Why is it that the Japs can’t make any decent medical drama/film? This is the 3rd one I have watched which I would rate lower than “Shortland Street” (as in, that Shortland Street of Kiwis, makes me cringe).

Shortland Street >> Team Batista >>37 sai de isha >> General Rouge

Anyway, regarding the movie, the only time I laughed is when I saw this Japanese version of Spock (which was of course unintentional ww) DAT DOC!   Finally, Abe Hiroshi on wheelchair – yeah this movie is as pathetic as Philippines politics.


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