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Chocolate (Thai Movie)

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Thai: ช็อคโกแลต (2008)

Japanese: チョコレート・ファイター

Since I don’t understand a single word of Thai, I thought that I will just scroll through the scenes of Abe Hiroshi especially the sizzling bed takes (albeit fake). Well, even after the much-anticipated yet unnecessary full back nudity, I was engaged enough with the film to continue watching till the very end. Newcomer actress Jeeja Vismitananda was perfect for her autistic martial artist role as “Zen” and very reminiscent of the “Dragon” Bruce Lee.  Though unrealistic, it was fun to see her take an entire battalion of goons single-handedly and I found myself saying “Suge!!”(great) heaps of times. Plus it was exciting to see her pitted against the other autistic boy and eventually beat him. I also love the storyline since I have mild ADHD as well and the movie shows a different perspective on mental disabilities.

Just before the ending credits, the film showed actual injuries on the actors including Jeeja herself while doing those difficult stunts. It was kinda scary seeing those poor extras getting seriously injured on the dangerous maneuvers that they did. No wonder the fight scenes were very convincing since they were actually hurting each other.

LOL moment when Abe Hiroshi spoke in English during the fight scene. Can anyone explain what the hell is “Awaits berry?” 


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