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Currently Watching: Trick 2

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I wasn’t particularly impressed with the first season so I was also not that much enthusiastic to start Trick 2. But since I felt that Hero dragged on a bit and I don’t want to start on a new series (other choices left would have been “At Home Dad”, “Change”, and an array of very old dramas), I bit the bullet continued with the adventures of Ueda Jiro and Yamada Naoko hoping that there’ll be fun mysteries to solve and a tinge of romance as side dish.

Unfortunately, I was out of luck as the stream links of Trick 2 doesn’t have any subtitles. Normally, I have a fair grasp of the Japanese language and I can watch dramas and movies without any difficulty. But boy oh boy, this series is extremely “Tricky” (pardon the pun). The dialogues have heaps of nuances on language and popular culture, for instance first episode dealt with all honorific expressions, and the second one about the box was also kinda confusing. Moreover, they also used technical terms about paranormal activity which are quite unfamiliar to me.

Anyway, I’m still on episode 7 and I will update this as soon as finished the entire series. Romance between the two characters seemed to have vanished in thin air 😦

Btw, I searched Amazon.jp and apparently there are actual books authored by the fictional character of Ueda Jirou. What a clever marketing idea!

I’m sorry that this review may not give justice to this series because of my poor language ability.



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