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Japanese: アットホーム・ダッド (2004)

One of the more famous dramas of Abe Hiroshi almost a decade ago where he played the role of Yamamura Kazuyuki, a typical Japanese salaryman at the peak of his career, proud to be able to provide well for his family and take care of their financial needs. On the other hand, his neighbor Sugio Yusuke, played by his perennial co-actor Miyasako Hiroyuki lives the complete opposite life of being a houseband (house husband). Yamamura considered this role as a person who has thrown his pride out of the window and is not a real man.

However, a twist of fate in the company matters and Yamamura soon found himself jobless while his wife found an goldmine of an opportunity from his previous employer. With Yamamura prioritizing love for family over pride, his suit was replaced with apron and his business dealings now with the cooking class he attends with neighbor turned-senpai Sugio.


My review: DON’T EVER WATCH this drama if ever you are in my situation, that is having marital problems with a husband who is too stubborn to reconcile. I swear, I cried in each episode, which is unfair because Abe Hiroshi and Miyasako were both flawless with their acting. It really doesn’t help that my hubby looks like Abe-chan and I can’t help but feel flustered why he can’t love me this way. Anyway, if you are happily married or happily single, then I might even recommend this for you. Witty dialogues but a bit loose in the plot. Also, the setting/props is reminiscent of Desperate Housewives-ergo-fake suburbia posh subdivisions in central Tokyo. Maybe they were trying to portray Setagaya-ku but still it wasn’t very convincing.



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