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Thermae Romae

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Finally, this is available for stream, thank God! I’ve been waiting for this early May. Yatta!

Link: http://www.dramacrazy.net/japanese-movie/thermae-romae-watch/

Since this is a movie derived from a manga-original, then expect yet another creative and unique concept that only the Japanese mind can conceive. In the height of the ancient Roman empire, bathhouse architect Lucius travels to modern-day Japan, a country that has a very intricate culture of bathing (public baths, hot tubs) as well as sporting the most advanced toilet technology in the world (BIDET – lol).

Just a bit of a confusion with the adapted style for the default where Romans speak in Japanese while Lucius whenever he is time-space-warped to Japan think in Japanese  but speak in Latin and hence doesn’t seem to able to understand what the Japanese people are saying.

Ouch moments on the reference to Lucius wife begging him for years for a baby which eventually resulted with her cheating. And which he eventually regretted (sigh!)

Abe Hiroshi is indeed not your typical Japanese man, but what is surprising is that there are so many Japs that could pass up for an Italian. Lastly, this is a real treat for female and female-by-heart fans as there are heaps of scenes with Abe Hiroshi’s semi-naked body.


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