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Trick 3

Japanese: トリック3(2003)

By far, the best installment in the famed series of Ueda Jiro-Yamada Naoko. Perhaps it was because after a marathon of sappy Chinese soaps (ie. The Rules Before Divorce), it was so refreshing to LOL Japanese-style.

Compared to Trick 2, the 3rd season’s theme is more like crime-solving Poirot mysteries with the renewed flame between the 2 main protagonists. Ueda sounds more overbearing having sold best-sellers while Yamada is still unrewarded for her efforts of actually solving the mysteries. Yabe’s assistant was replaced with another stupid-looking guy from Todai and speaking of which Yabe’s wig still provides extreme comic relief during tense crime scene moments.

My favorite story is the one in the Roujin Home (Elderly home) where everyone lives forever. I have partly guess it (SPOILER ALERT!!) that all of the clients are already dead and they have impostors pretending instead. Although, I failed to deduce the angle about the father of Youji.