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Going My Home Was A Flop (?)

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To say that the mediocre 6% ratings for Yamaguchi Tomoko’s much-anticipated comeback after 16 years of hiatus, not to mention teaming up with Japan’s hottest talents in Abe Hiroshi and Miyazaki Aoi, is a disappointment is quite an understatement (Source: Yule XinWen). When I saw that it was completed at 10 episodes, I knew that it was a flop.

Actually, my initial review of ‘Going my home’ is rather positive. Click here. However, after a couple of episodes I know that the storyline is rather weak and not as engaging as what I would expect. As I said, this is like a mix of ‘Aruitemo Aruitemo’ (note the similar names [Ryota] of Abe’s character) and ‘At Home Dad’ topped up with a heart-warming style of ‘Kita no Kuni kara.’ However, since the plot revolves around mystical creatures, put this in a convoluted genre of chicken-soup and miso.

I will still watch this till the end but it’s not really something which I would do a drama-marathon of. I hope that Abe Hiroshi’s next project will fare much better.

Going My Home


One thought on “Going My Home Was A Flop (?)

  1. In my opinion, this drama is very excellent.

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