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Saga of the Phoenix

阿修罗 (1990)

Cantonese Movie

This is probably my first post in more than half a year. Been busy with RL (real life) and also it’s getting tough to get free quality content in the internet nowadays. I used to be in China and there were heaps of sites that stream the movies and dramas for free. Now, I have to rely on youtube and torrents once in a while.

Anyway, I found this movie in Youtube (link) and I would say it’s refreshing to watch something from the bygone eras of the late 80s. The plot is indeed very archaic and comical in today’s standards. Since ‘Saga of the Phoenix’ is of the ‘Fantasy’ genre, it’s not hard to imagine what kind of visual and sound effects it presents. There’s magic, martial arts and the crudest concoction of both.

It’s about a girl named Ashura who holds the key to the gates of hell and caused mischief on earth. As a punishment, she was given 7 days to live on earth and after which she will be forever banished to the darkness (which she hates as she always talks about the sun). Ashura is a carefree damsel who loves her little monster-like puppet named Genie who always gets into trouble for gluttony. Peacock and Lucky Fruit (played by Abe Hiroshi) were tasked to look after Ashura. One time Peacock was trying to save Genie and got himself frozen in an ice prison by the Hell King’s Concubine. On the other hand, Genie was locked in a stone statue which was picked up by an earth scientist named ‘Tan’. Eventually Ashura and Lucky Fruit tracked down Genie and got themselves acquainted with Tan and his sister, who was developing to be Lucky Fruit’s love interest. The Concubine is still on a mission to suck the life out of Ashura which is running out fast.

What can I say? I watched the film till the end and hardly got bored. Obviously, Abe Hiroshi does not speak Cantonese so they dubbed his lines while he probably speaks in Japanese. He’s probably on his early 20s during the filming of this movie so it’s really refreshing to watch him do the combat scenes. Yes, he did the ‘Haduken’ several times and some flying kicks. Compared to the Thai movie Chocolate, the ‘Saga’ offers more chance to see Abe-chan doing martial arts. For some reason, even during his younger days, his characters are tensed, controlled and quite serious.

Here are some screen shots:

Saga Phon 1 Saga Phon 2 Saga Phon 4 Phon Saga 3