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Tsuya no Yoru

つやのよる ー ある愛に関わった、女達の物語 (2013)

One of the most ambitious films that just fails to deliver. The plot is too convoluted, there are too many characters and tries too hard to be artistic but ends up like mashed up of erotic and then bicycle scenes and subtle music without a central theme. Ok, the central theme is ‘Tsuya” and mostly the women of the men she’s had connections with. There’s the cousin who took his virginity, the ex-husband, a stalker, and a lover, plus Tsuya’s husband’s ex-wife. Now that Tsuya is on her death bed, we are introduced to the lives of these people. This may sound like a cliche at first except that instead of using flashbacks to tell their connections with Tsuya, the plot just moves forward and expects the viewer to deduce each storyline. However, don’t be fooled that active viewership is equivalent to masterpiece-ala-Cannes because in the case of “Tsuya,” it’s more of a headache than anything else.

Abe Hiroshi-wise, he looks frail and sickly. Read that he has to shed several kilos for this role. Amazing job but not enough to warrant this film another star in the ratings.

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