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Abe Hiroshi loves Ding Tai Fung

It’s one my favorite restaurants while I was in Shanghai. The Xiaolongbao were to die for. Last September, I visited Sydney and checked out that Ding Tai Fung branch near China town. It was totally a rip-off, like a factory styled outlet with workers on masks. Very much unlike the Shanghai branches. Now, I haven’t been to Taiwan where this brand originated.

So, here’s a video of Abe Hiroshi with Aya Ueto talking about their experience in the Taiwan restaurant and hot spring. They are promoting the new movie 不思議な岬の物語.



How I wish I could do this job as a translator from Chinese-Japanese and vice versa. Unfortunately,  I’m not a native speaker of either language.


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Shinzanmono – Nemuri no Mori

Sleeping Forest

新参者ー眠りの森 (2014)


The 3rd special episode of the Kaga Kyoichiro series, since I have not updated this blog for almost a year now, I think I have to give this at least a B rating. Should have been higher except I am quite allergic to dancing ballerinas and classical music playing on the background. Well, it was a decent mystery plot, not so much griping/tense moments unlike “Akai Yubi,” but Kyoichiro delivered a top notch detective work, take note of the rain!

Not to mention heaps of lines spoken in ENGLISH 英語上手な。

ENJOY!Nemuri 1 Nemuri 0