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Adiantum Blue

アジアンタムブルー (2006)


Finally, the wait is OVER! This movie is now available on youtube. Although, I’m unsure if that was really worth the excitement I have shown when the video was on my reccommended to watch list. Abe Hiroshi and Matsushita Nao looked great together, nice romantic chemistry in spite of the age gap (that time, the former looked much younger and boyish), and the dialogues are crisp and natural. Not very impressed with how they just capitalise on the scenic views ofimage Nice, just to add appeal to the melancholic theme of one lover dying.

The Notebook-type-sap was not really my style recently, so I would rate this much lower.

But, one thing to watch out for is the kissing scene near the end. That’s definitely not fake. The sexual tension has been building up till that moment, obviously used heaps of subtle teasers, but still done in a very classy way. Hurray for the kiss!image


Link [http://youtu.be/3AtTMvRbqtE] here.