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Therma Romae ii

テルマエ・ロマエ ⅱ 2014

Like the first installment, be prepared to get confused with Italians speaking Japanese, and Abe Hiroshi thinking in Japanese, and speaking broken Latin. Well, this only happens whenever he is warped in modern Japan. Heaps of fun and ‘toilet’ humor, literally had me LMAO with that bidet scene.

I read that this is the 1st Japanese film to be shot in Bulgaria, with like 5000 foreigner extras, so give them lots of props for making Rome gladiator days come to life. Too bad, we are no longer living in Japan, as hubby, with his semi-Italian looks and Japanese fluency could play a part as a ‘major’ extra in this film.

Acting is a bit too forced with the cast, but the flat-faced tribe, aka Japanese in the public bath, were highly organic and just a breathe of fresh air. Story dragged a bit like TR1, but at least it wasn’t all for naught.

Enjoy the movie while you still can. Youtube is pulling down links when the video becomes popular.





P.S. Naked butt scene at the recreation facility. Obviously the people were more than amused seeing Mr. Abe’s precious tushy.