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恋妻家宮本 – Koisaika Miyamoto

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Devoted husband Miyamoto – Coming soon (2017)


Yohei (Hiroshi Abe) is a middle school teacher and married to Miyoko (Yuki Amami). For the first time in 25 years, they begin to live by themselves after their son marries and moves out. One day, Yohei finds divorce papers which Miyoko keeps hidden, but he doesn’t have the courage to ask her abut it and agonizes over the papers. His involvement with students and associate in a cooking class, allows Yohei to recognize the concept of an ideal family. He takes new first steps with Miyoko.

Plot looks intriguing, hoping that it will deliver. Recently, AH movies have been subpar, except for “After the Storm” most have been bordering on slowpoking convoluted stories.



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