Abe Hiroshi 阿部寛<3

Abe Hiroshi Film and Drama Reviews Plus CMs. Best viewed using IPAD

Abe Hiroshi Profile

One of the most well-known Japanese actors right now and has shown his versatility in almost all genre.

Tall, good looking and unusual non-Japanese facial features that makes him look like a mixed or half but from my extensive “research”, his anthropological ethnicity is actually termed as “progressive yakonid” (pardon the scary stuff lol like describing Homo Erectus or something).

Very short bio:


Born: June 22 1964

Civil Status: Married

Height: 189 – 190 cm (could be a bit taller)

Homepage: homepage3.nifty.com/abehiroshi/ (yeah, this looks so lousy, geocities style 15 years ago, with frames and repeating pic background, but apparently it is his official site which is probably constructed by himself)


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