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Ichiban Densha Ga Hashitta


To commemorate the 70th anniversary of the Hiroshima bombing, NHK brings this special drama starring Abe Hiroshi and Kuroshima Yuina. After watching the first episode @ http://www.dramacool.com/drama-detail/ichiban-densha-ga-hashitta-sp.html, this made me realised so many things about this devastating event. Of course, everyone has heard of the cliche’ that there are no winners in war. It is undeniable that Japan is at the wrong side of the history, but from the perspective of the ordinary people living in Japan,  they are also victims of the decisions that their leaders make. To this ordinary people, which could have easily been me or my family, I can just imagine what they have to go through seeing their cities reduced to rubble. The amazing thing is their resilient and the selflessness attitude that they display in the most grim times of their lives. Family, own health, hunger, all these are sacrificed for the country, for the sake of others.

The train or in this case the trolleys are the main symbol of Japan, and though it may seem absurd or illogical to fix the transportation system when an atomic bomb just wiped out the whole region, it was synonymous to this phrase, “Once the streetcar runs, Hiroshima will come to life again!”


Kudos to humanity! To the unwavering spirit and fervor!










P.S. The Americans who were in charged of the Little Boy and Fat Man operations are war criminals!


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Shinzanmono – Nemuri no Mori

Sleeping Forest

新参者ー眠りの森 (2014)


The 3rd special episode of the Kaga Kyoichiro series, since I have not updated this blog for almost a year now, I think I have to give this at least a B rating. Should have been higher except I am quite allergic to dancing ballerinas and classical music playing on the background. Well, it was a decent mystery plot, not so much griping/tense moments unlike “Akai Yubi,” but Kyoichiro delivered a top notch detective work, take note of the rain!

Not to mention heaps of lines spoken in ENGLISH 英語上手な。

ENJOY!Nemuri 1 Nemuri 0


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Yet another blockbuster team-up of Kimutaku and Abe Hiroshi. This politics-based drama is surprisingly more engaging that I could have imagined. The synopsis sounds cheesy: an elementary school teacher from a prominent political family became a member of the parliament then rose to being the Prime Minister of the 3rd biggest economy of the world. Had this been a soap from the Western world, then surely you’ll expect obscure and unknown actors in the cast. But hey, it’s Japan, where they have this unique and fascinating way of turning gibberish into something amusing.

I would say that Kimura Takuya has outdone himself playing the lead-role of the geeky, curly haired Asakura Keita, probably the best role he’s had ever since Long Vacation’s Sena. However, I am quite unsure if it was indeed necessary to have Abe Hiroshi throughout the entire drama. Being the election strategist would have worked in the beginning, but he never left Takuya’s side even until he became PM. Just seemed a bit forced and trivial. Plus, I wasn’t sure why he sounded like the bad-ass in Dragon Zakura, yup, ‘we are monolithic’ LOL.

Change 1

Change 2

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Going My Home Was A Flop (?)

To say that the mediocre 6% ratings for Yamaguchi Tomoko’s much-anticipated comeback after 16 years of hiatus, not to mention teaming up with Japan’s hottest talents in Abe Hiroshi and Miyazaki Aoi, is a disappointment is quite an understatement (Source: Yule XinWen). When I saw that it was completed at 10 episodes, I knew that it was a flop.

Actually, my initial review of ‘Going my home’ is rather positive. Click here. However, after a couple of episodes I know that the storyline is rather weak and not as engaging as what I would expect. As I said, this is like a mix of ‘Aruitemo Aruitemo’ (note the similar names [Ryota] of Abe’s character) and ‘At Home Dad’ topped up with a heart-warming style of ‘Kita no Kuni kara.’ However, since the plot revolves around mystical creatures, put this in a convoluted genre of chicken-soup and miso.

I will still watch this till the end but it’s not really something which I would do a drama-marathon of. I hope that Abe Hiroshi’s next project will fare much better.

Going My Home

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Trick 3

Japanese: トリック3(2003)

By far, the best installment in the famed series of Ueda Jiro-Yamada Naoko. Perhaps it was because after a marathon of sappy Chinese soaps (ie. The Rules Before Divorce), it was so refreshing to LOL Japanese-style.

Compared to Trick 2, the 3rd season’s theme is more like crime-solving Poirot mysteries with the renewed flame between the 2 main protagonists. Ueda sounds more overbearing having sold best-sellers while Yamada is still unrewarded for her efforts of actually solving the mysteries. Yabe’s assistant was replaced with another stupid-looking guy from Todai and speaking of which Yabe’s wig still provides extreme comic relief during tense crime scene moments.

My favorite story is the one in the Roujin Home (Elderly home) where everyone lives forever. I have partly guess it (SPOILER ALERT!!) that all of the clients are already dead and they have impostors pretending instead. Although, I failed to deduce the angle about the father of Youji.