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After the Storm

海よりもまだ深く (2016)


I have lost my interest with Japanese dramas and also became extremely busy with real life stuffs. Anyway, this movie is one of the best I have seen in a very long time. How timely as well, as it is about moving on and being at peace with your past.

From wiki:

Dwelling on his past glory as a prize-winning author, Ryota (Hiroshi Abe) wastes the money he makes as a private detective on gambling and can barely meet ends and pay child support. After the death of his father, his aging mother Yoshiko (Kirin Kiki) seem to be moving on with her life with hobbies with the local elderly ladies. Ryota makes extra money by counter-offering his service with agency’s client targets. He gets a contract to aid in a manga series with an upcoming artist but his ambitions stymie him from it initially. He finds his sister Chinatsu is visiting their mother frequently and suspects she is trying sponge off her and as he believes she makes their mother to pay for her daughter’s figure skating lesson’s from her social pension. His sister suspects Ryota’s visits are for taking advantage of their mother. Ryota tries to renew contact with his beautiful ex-wife Kyoko (Yoko Make) and in a stormy summer night sheltered at his mother’s home with his family he attempts to take back control of his existence and to find a lasting place in the life of his young son Shingo (Taiyo Yoshizawa). His ex-wife says it is truly over with them and grownups cannot live only with love but planning is required and Ryota isn’t cut out to be family man, if he were he would have done so earlier. Ryota reaches an understanding on his family life and uses the chance to bond with his son and tries to make memorable experiences he had with his father as a child with his son before time and place for it passes over.


I like how realistic it is, the dialogues are taut, sincere and natural “If you are so interested in being a good father, why didn’t you try harder before?” minimal used of sound effects and the characters sport the no-make up look. Kirin Kiki did a superb job portraying the role of the grandma who is not shy to warn people of her impending death, the ex-wife prim, proper and stingy in showing emotions, and AH obviously fawning over her, stalking, investigating and trying hard to make any kind of connection.

Lastly, that sidekick, wasn’t he Shingai and Imotou from Mozu? Just weird cause I thought that was the son’s name.

Anyway, great movie, I am so pleased with the story and how sensible and incredibly satisfying it ended, even though it is not how romance god would have wanted. To some extent, introspection is necessary to appreciate the meaning of the moviem, but what I like is that it does not pretend to be an art film, nor something that would win an Oscars.







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Therma Romae ii

テルマエ・ロマエ ⅱ 2014

Like the first installment, be prepared to get confused with Italians speaking Japanese, and Abe Hiroshi thinking in Japanese, and speaking broken Latin. Well, this only happens whenever he is warped in modern Japan. Heaps of fun and ‘toilet’ humor, literally had me LMAO with that bidet scene.

I read that this is the 1st Japanese film to be shot in Bulgaria, with like 5000 foreigner extras, so give them lots of props for making Rome gladiator days come to life. Too bad, we are no longer living in Japan, as hubby, with his semi-Italian looks and Japanese fluency could play a part as a ‘major’ extra in this film.

Acting is a bit too forced with the cast, but the flat-faced tribe, aka Japanese in the public bath, were highly organic and just a breathe of fresh air. Story dragged a bit like TR1, but at least it wasn’t all for naught.

Enjoy the movie while you still can. Youtube is pulling down links when the video becomes popular.





P.S. Naked butt scene at the recreation facility. Obviously the people were more than amused seeing Mr. Abe’s precious tushy.

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Adiantum Blue

アジアンタムブルー (2006)


Finally, the wait is OVER! This movie is now available on youtube. Although, I’m unsure if that was really worth the excitement I have shown when the video was on my reccommended to watch list. Abe Hiroshi and Matsushita Nao looked great together, nice romantic chemistry in spite of the age gap (that time, the former looked much younger and boyish), and the dialogues are crisp and natural. Not very impressed with how they just capitalise on the scenic views ofimage Nice, just to add appeal to the melancholic theme of one lover dying.

The Notebook-type-sap was not really my style recently, so I would rate this much lower.

But, one thing to watch out for is the kissing scene near the end. That’s definitely not fake. The sexual tension has been building up till that moment, obviously used heaps of subtle teasers, but still done in a very classy way. Hurray for the kiss!image


Link [http://youtu.be/3AtTMvRbqtE] here.






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Yet another blockbuster team-up of Kimutaku and Abe Hiroshi. This politics-based drama is surprisingly more engaging that I could have imagined. The synopsis sounds cheesy: an elementary school teacher from a prominent political family became a member of the parliament then rose to being the Prime Minister of the 3rd biggest economy of the world. Had this been a soap from the Western world, then surely you’ll expect obscure and unknown actors in the cast. But hey, it’s Japan, where they have this unique and fascinating way of turning gibberish into something amusing.

I would say that Kimura Takuya has outdone himself playing the lead-role of the geeky, curly haired Asakura Keita, probably the best role he’s had ever since Long Vacation’s Sena. However, I am quite unsure if it was indeed necessary to have Abe Hiroshi throughout the entire drama. Being the election strategist would have worked in the beginning, but he never left Takuya’s side even until he became PM. Just seemed a bit forced and trivial. Plus, I wasn’t sure why he sounded like the bad-ass in Dragon Zakura, yup, ‘we are monolithic’ LOL.

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Saga of the Phoenix

阿修罗 (1990)

Cantonese Movie

This is probably my first post in more than half a year. Been busy with RL (real life) and also it’s getting tough to get free quality content in the internet nowadays. I used to be in China and there were heaps of sites that stream the movies and dramas for free. Now, I have to rely on youtube and torrents once in a while.

Anyway, I found this movie in Youtube (link) and I would say it’s refreshing to watch something from the bygone eras of the late 80s. The plot is indeed very archaic and comical in today’s standards. Since ‘Saga of the Phoenix’ is of the ‘Fantasy’ genre, it’s not hard to imagine what kind of visual and sound effects it presents. There’s magic, martial arts and the crudest concoction of both.

It’s about a girl named Ashura who holds the key to the gates of hell and caused mischief on earth. As a punishment, she was given 7 days to live on earth and after which she will be forever banished to the darkness (which she hates as she always talks about the sun). Ashura is a carefree damsel who loves her little monster-like puppet named Genie who always gets into trouble for gluttony. Peacock and Lucky Fruit (played by Abe Hiroshi) were tasked to look after Ashura. One time Peacock was trying to save Genie and got himself frozen in an ice prison by the Hell King’s Concubine. On the other hand, Genie was locked in a stone statue which was picked up by an earth scientist named ‘Tan’. Eventually Ashura and Lucky Fruit tracked down Genie and got themselves acquainted with Tan and his sister, who was developing to be Lucky Fruit’s love interest. The Concubine is still on a mission to suck the life out of Ashura which is running out fast.

What can I say? I watched the film till the end and hardly got bored. Obviously, Abe Hiroshi does not speak Cantonese so they dubbed his lines while he probably speaks in Japanese. He’s probably on his early 20s during the filming of this movie so it’s really refreshing to watch him do the combat scenes. Yes, he did the ‘Haduken’ several times and some flying kicks. Compared to the Thai movie Chocolate, the ‘Saga’ offers more chance to see Abe-chan doing martial arts. For some reason, even during his younger days, his characters are tensed, controlled and quite serious.

Here are some screen shots:

Saga Phon 1 Saga Phon 2 Saga Phon 4 Phon Saga 3